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Duty to homeland,
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Lithuanian Scouting is not just a hobby - it is a lifestyle that teaches many useful skills, including leadership, teamwork, problem solving and many more. By participating in nature trips, camps and other activities scouts create a lot of unforgettable experiences and make friends for the rest of their lives. It is the lifestyle full of adventure, lessons, friendships and laughter!

Author: Vytis Šulinskas

Let's get to know each other

What is Lithuanian Scouting?

Lithuanian Scouting is the biggest scout organisation in Lithuania and unites about 3000 scouts including land, sea and air scouts. Lithuanian Scouting is member of World Scout Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM) and provides young people with opportunities that allow them grow as active citizens.

Author: Dovydas Beržinis

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Lifetime investment for your future

As a scout you learn by doing and grow through challenges. We challenge ourselves by doing things in new environments in new ways - why not try scouting in Lithuania? This is a great opportunity to develop and lead both yourself and others, as well experience our wonderful nature and gain knowledge about the culture and traditions of Lithuania.

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Everyone is welcome to join scouting! Anyone who is six years of age or older is free to join and there is no maximum age limit. The essence of Scouting is engaging in a diverse assortment of activities together with others and interacting with wide variety of people. Where you come from is not important. All you need is a willingness to get involved.


Age Groups

In Lithuanian Scouting people are divided into different age groups in order to deliver the Scouting programmes for a full range of youth.


Although the whole scout program is based on the scout method, some scouts are more likely to be found in the woods and others on the shores of a lake or river. If your heart is singing when you see the waves of the sea, we invite you to join the sea scout community. And if hiking sounds more fun than rowing, you will be warmly accepted by land scouts.


Dievui, Tėvynei, Artimui!

Jūrų skautai

Dievui, Tėvynei, Jūrai ir Artimui!


Įvesk savo kontaktinius duomenis į žemiau esančius langelius ir mes su Tavimi susisieksime! Kontaktiniai duomenys bus perduoti tavo pasirinktame krašte savanoriaujantiems vadovams, tam, kad jie galėtų pasiūlyti tau tinkamiausią skautišką vienetą ir pakviesti į skautišką susitikimą – sueigą. Kraštus atstovaujančių skautų kontaktus taip pat galite rasti čia.

Ačiū, jūsų informacija išsiųsta krašto vadovams! Netrukus su jumis susisieksime. Jei turite papildomų klausimų, parašykite mums:

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