Kaip kuriamos patirtys ir aplinka asmeniniam augimui?

Age groups

Author: Vytis Šulinskas

6 - 10 years

Cub Scouts

Lithuanian Scouting cub scouts (6 - 10 years) live in "The Jungle Book" themed world. They, just like Mowgli, first play in natural surroundings and learn to get along with the wolves gang - other cub scouts. They also promise to love God and their homeland, daily do a little good job and try to be good. Cub scouts also descend into various adventures, accumulate true experience, begin to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, they become more independent and responsible, it seems incomparable to the "Jungle book" wolves, so they continue their adventure in the scout (10 - 14 years) age group.

Author: Dovydas Beržinis

10 - 14 years


In Lithuanian Scouting, the life of scouts (10 - 14 years old) takes place in patrols - in constant groups consisting of 4 - 10 scouts. The sections democratically make decisions together, share responsibilities, prepare and at the same time embark on adventures full of discoveries. Scouts march, camp, explore nature and get involved in community initiatives. During the activities, real experiences emerge and educate the scouts thoroughly as individuals and as team members.

Author: Andres Morales

14 - 18 years

Venture Scouts

In Lithuanian Scouting venture scouts (14-18 years old) also realize themselves in patrols - in constant groups of 4 - 10 experienced scouts. Venture scouts are offered with freedom and given clear directions, inspiring the members of the patrol to dream, discuss, discover and create. By learning to survive together in nature and actively contributing to their community, young people take on new challenges that allow everyone to get to know themselves and others better. Finally, venture scouts enter the world as responsible, conscious, active and exemplary citizens.

Author: Dovydas Beržinis

From 18 years

Adult Scouts

Volunteers are the main driving force of the Lithuanian Scouting. Here, everyone can discover a niche close to themselves, where they feel good about realizing themselves, contribute to the informal education of young people and make the world a little more beautiful through daily work. A cohesive team of national volunteers, trainings organized in Lithuania and abroad and the freedom to choose from a wide range of activities help one to join scout activities, accept new challenges, get to know scout values and discover oneself. There are no limits for volunteers - everyone will find their place in a scout family!

Author: Dovydas Beržinis

17 - 29 years


Adult members of the Lithuanian Scouting can choose to continue their personal development path among rovers. The program for this age group is surrounded by legends and secrets that one will only be able to reveal if one dares to become part of their campsite.