Scouting gives you skills for life

Famous scouts

President of the Republic of Lithuania

President Valdas Adamkus

"I still remember the amazing time I had in scout summer camps and events. Happy to see that scouting never stopped and thus i wish the movement only to grow faster and faster. I am certain, that scouting grows and empowers people, develops the patriotic spirit and makes everyone feel like a part of a big, carrying family."

Became a scout on January 15th, 1946 during Lithuanian scout camp in exile, Bavaria.

Author: Giedrius Globys

Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to the Hellenic Republic, to the Republic of Cyprus and to the Republic of Albania

Rolandas Kačinskas

"Volunteering allows you to learn skills, which you would not acquire in your workplace. I have in mind the huge variety of skills right there for you to take, inter-cultural, inter-religious and inter-generational dialogue. But most importantly - creativity."

During 1989 helped to reestablish scouting in Lithuania. First Group Leader of Kernavė Scout Group.

Author: Vytis Šulinskas

Aktorius, Pat. skautas, savanoris

Eimutis Kvosčiauskas

“Undoubtedly, scouting developed my endurance, creativity, humanity. I still cherish the scout lessons and my own understanding that you have to treat others the way you would like to be treated. And RESPECT! Respect for every single person (whoever he may be), respect for nature and God. These common perceptions are very important, therefore I am convinced that every child must experience at least a couple of years, at least a year or ... one camp, and what survival in nature means. ”

He strongly contributed to the organization and realisation of the centenary events of the Lithuanian Scouting.

Journalist, television presenter

Aistė Stonytė-Budzinauskienė

"Seeing how the smallest cub scouts try their best to sing along with other scouts, songs which they have never heard, has always brought me to tears. The flag raising ceremonies, singing of the national anthem, a child kneeling on his knee to kiss the flag during his scout promise, the way he tells his parents, about how he is a scout now, and thus will always be prepared to help others - those are the proves, that we do have places in Lithuania where, long-term values are being taught."

Became a scout in early childhood, volunteered as a leader of girl cub scouts.

Author: Vainius Mirskis


Paulius Tamolė

“First of all, in this organization I met a young, charming, scurvy girl who later became my wife. We now have two children, the elder of whom is also scouting. Secondly, the organization brought me up - instilled values in me, gave me friends. There was a time when I received a lot, now I realize it’s time to give it to others. Part of my heart will always belong to the scouts and this organization. ”

For more than a year now, he has been the guide of the song competition “I heard a lot of beautiful songs” organized by LS.

Author: Šarūnė Katinaitė


Giedrius Masalskis

"This organization fascinates with commonality, instillment of good qualities, ability to educate leaders, independent, critical-thinking people from an early age. Autonomy is very important, as is the ability to feel when help from another is needed. Over a timespan of some years it's fun to see a grown up responsible person, who also knows how to have fun in a meaningful way. ”

He joined the movement in 2011, led by his scouting son.